Caged Creatures

Feature Film

"Romance is Murder"

Caroline Blackwell, a lonely 30yr old and pet shop owner, dreams of finding romance and true love. Everyday Caroline gazes longingly at Brandon, a handsome college boy across the street and fantasizes about capturing his heart.

One day, he brings a wounded Guinea Pig into the shop. Caroline is enamoured. When Brandon returns to check on the pig, he helps Caroline with an errand and is accidentally knocked unconscious. Caroline seizes the moment and locks him in a cage in the shops cellar. Caroline encourages Brandon’s artistic abilities and teaches him Italian, the language of love. She rewards his compliance; punishes his disobedience.

Will Caroline and Brandon fall in love? As Caroline proclaims: “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it’s yours to keep.”

Feature Film
Unable to find romance, a pet shop owner struggles with loneliness and depression until she gives into her urges and cages her dream pet - a college boy.
Psychological Thriller
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